Welcome to Holy Family Academy!

It’s our great pleasure to welcome you to Holy Family Academy.  Whether visiting us through this website or walking the hallways of our school, it won’t take long for you to see that we are courageously different.  We are Catholic and joyfully proud of it!  We not only teach the Faith, we live it by embracing the rich traditions of the Church and passing them on to our students. We provide a warm, nurturing environment in which to introduce young minds to great ideas. 

Our curriculum is about far more than preparing for standardized tests. Our rigorous classical training draws out of students their natural desire for wisdom and virtue. Using a classical approach, students read the “great books” and are invited to engage in the lessons of history as they prepare for the future. It is a beautiful to see students in Pre-K through eighth grade train their memory to retain the great word power of time-honored children’s and classical poetry. Science and Math are studied not just as subjects, but as integral pieces of God’s revelation.  All students learn from the Singapore Math program. Learning the basics of Latin helps them master grammar and expand their vocabulary. We are currently implementing the Montessori-based Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for our Pre-K through Kindergarten students. Eventually first and second graders will participate as well. Our dynamic music program has children singing masterpieces by Bach and Mozart. Students encounter beauty through learning the schola cantorum (sacred music), learning about the finer techniques of painting and drawing, and Junior High students have the opportunity to participate in an epic drama production.
A classical approach in elementary and junior high school empowers teachers and students to be able to encounter the most stimulating ideas and concepts.   When children or young adults get to be immersed in all that is good and beautiful they learn to absolutely love school and love learning.
Our school’s culture is formed by daily Mass attendance and teachers who passionately live their vocations to be mentors of tomorrow’s saints. We seek the development of mind, body, and soul in our students while recognizing the particular gifts and personality which God has given each one. We are here to provide intellectual challenge and to instill virtue so our students can become God’s blessings to the world. 
They say you can tell a lot about people by who their friends are… who is your child’s best friend? We’d like to help your child develop a lifelong friendship with Jesus Christ.  If you are looking for a school where your child will be cared for and loved as the unique person that God created them to be, then come to Holy Family Academy for a visit. 
Truth, Goodness, and Beauty: the hallmarks of a Catholic education that never goes out of style! You’ll love what you see. 
Sunday, January 29, 10:00 - 1:00
  • After 9:00 and 11:00 Masses
  • Coffee and Donuts served
  • Tour our beautiful building, meet our amazing teachers
  • 4th - 8th grade Academic Fair projects will be on display
Visitors are welcome!
Special Offer for New Second Grade Students
Second grade is a particularly special grade at Holy Family Academy, as students prepare for the sacrament of First Holy Communion. Parishioners who would like to enroll a new student in second grade will have an increased opportunity for a financial aid. 
Parents must apply for admission and complete a financial aid application via TADS. If you have any questions about qualification criteria, please feel free to call Jim Grogan at 952-999-4800.


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