Why Choose Holy Family Academy...

Whether visiting us through this website or by walking the hallways of our school, it won’t take long for you to see that we are courageously different.  We are Catholic and joyfully proud of it! We not only teach the Faith, we live it by embracing the rich traditions of the Church and passing them on to our students.  Every school day begins with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; knowing that through the Eucharist, our children’s lives are changed.  We teach rigorous academics, form character and develop confidence upon the graces and love that flow directly from Jesus.  
A good classical program has God at its center and desires that all students love their faith and love learning. The floodgates for advanced learning are opened when students are immediately immersed in the grammar stage of the classical trivium. Beginning in Kindergarten, students are exposed to great stories that have rich, beautiful language and exciting adventure. Development of memory and familiarity with language plays a major role at this stage of the child’s education. The student is exposed in a sophisticated way to all of the traditional subjects with a particular emphasis on Ancient History, Natural Science, Mathematics and Religion.
Throughout grades 1 - 5, the grammar of learning is even more intensely pursued. English grammar, Latin, great books, the language of Math (numeration) and thinking skills are combined with the acquisition of strong study skills so that high standards can be every student’s goal. It is important that at this stage that students demonstrate what they have learned on a regular basis. It is at the last stages of this level that abstract concepts and logic are first introduced.
As students enter Junior High; History, Science, Math, and Languages become interrelated subjects in which the student strives to truly be able to take charge of the learning process. Their religious studies are now so advanced that they can take on the Compendium of the Catechism, and Scott Hahn’s Understanding the Scriptures. During this Logic stage of the Trivium, students will again cycle through the important stages of pre-Christian and Christian history while at the same time being challenged to excel in each individual subject.

"The ultimate goal of all Catholic education is salvation in Jesus Christ."

Pope John Paul II, 1987 address to Catholic educators in New Orleans