Virtue Families

Virtue Families are a means of teaching virtue while promoting a family spirit among our students. By learning the virtues within a family group, our students will become more aware of their place in the family of our school, our parish, and the entire family of God. Family groups will also provide a wonderful opportunity for leadership training and role modeling. Here are a few more pieces of helpful information:

●     HFA students in grades K - 8 are divided into eleven family groups consisting of Superiors and Postulants.

●     Virtue family groups meet about once a month for activities designed to work on special goals and service projects.

●     The Superiors are the leaders of the family and are responsible for seeing that their family is following the guidelines for their group, learning about virtue together, and being helpful to one another throughout the planned activities. Superiors are in eighth grade; a number of seventh grade students may also be asked to serve as Superiors.

●     Superiors remain in position until they leave HFA

●     Postulants are students in grades K - 7

●     Teachers serve as mentors to the Superiors

●     Pre Kindergarten students do not participate in Virtue Families